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treet Sharks is an American superhero animated series about the adventures of crime-fighting half-man/half-sharks. It was produced by DIC Productions, L.P. and Bohbot Entertainment, and aired from 1994 to 1997, originally as a part of Bohbot’s Amazin’ Adventures programming block before moving to ABC for its final season. The show promoted a line of action figures by Mattel. The creators were David Siegel and Joe Galliani of Mr. Joe’s Really Big Productions. In 1996, the Street Sharks were paired with the Dino Vengers and the show was retitled Dino Vengers Featuring Street Sharks. The Dino Vengers would later receive their own short-lived spinoff, where they were renamed the Extreme Dinosaurs. The series features theme music by Michael Benghiat and Lois Blaisch. Additional songs were written by Megan Cavallari and David Goldsmith.